Off-site Backup

Is Off-Site Backup the Right Solution for your Business?

More and more, IT organizations are evaluating whether online backup (or backup to the cloud) makes sense for their organization. Clearly, keeping a copy of your important information off-site for disaster recovery purposes make sense, considering it only takes one event like fire, flood, or even theft to cause significant data loss which would seriously affect your business operations.

Making copies of backups to tape used to be the answer, but physically transporting them off-site is risky, time consuming and costly.

“I have a tape drive. Why do I need off-site backup?”

Disaster can strike at any time and in any form when it comes to business and sometimes something as seemingly straight-forward as a failed hard drive can create serious impact to your business. This is why backups are an obvious necessity.
But what happens when your backup server fails, or is caught in a flood or fire? You need a backup of your backup.

Premiere has always helped our customers plan for these worst-case scenarios, but now we’re moving forward to provide off-site backup capabilities in our own shop. This will give our customers huge advantages, such as our being able to immediately pull a restore image onto a new server and get you set up in a temporary location in case of a site disaster.

Cloud Backup Architecture

We’re working on betas now, get in touch to discuss it with us.

Granularly Restore Exchange Messages and Data

Our Arcserve solution provides an “Exchange Granular Restore” tool that provides granular restore of Exchange objects like mailboxes, folders, messages, file attachments, notes, contacts, tasks and appointments. Recovered items can be saved into Personal Storage (.pst) files, to be opened with Microsoft Outlook or other compatible email clients, or exported directly into live Exchange Server mailboxes.

  • Restore mailbox contents including folders, messages and file attachments, notes, contacts, tasks, and appointments
  • Search and find mailbox contents quickly and easily for end users and legal discovery
  • Export selected items to PST files or to live Exchange Server mailbox

The Arcserve Exchange Granular Restore tool works together with UDP or Arcserve Backup for fast recovery of granular Exchange objects – simply point the tool to a UDP or Arcserve Backup recovery point and select the Exchange database for recovery.

Arcserve UDP Exchange Granular Restore Tool

With the Arcserve Exchange Granular Restore tool no backup cataloguing is required. Cataloguing is a time consuming process that expands the backup window. With Exchange Granular Restore tool the cataloguing process completely eliminated minimizing the overall backup window.

Exchange Granular Restore tool comes with an intuitive graphical user interface to make search quick and easy. Simply select a mailbox and view its contents (Inbox, Sent, Deleted, custom folders, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, etc.) and manually select objects for recovery. Optionally, perform an advanced search of mailbox contents using full text of Subject, Body and attachment, Sender (From), Recipient (To) and date range.

Using the Arcserve Exchange Granular Restore tool, administrators can perform lightning fast search within Exchange mailboxes and restore objects easily for end users and legal discovery. Exchange objects are exported to an Exchange .pst file or to a live Exchange Server mailbox.

Bare-Metal Recovery, From Our Shop Or Yours

Premiere’s off-site backup solution offers two key system recovery technologies. The most basic is hardware-independent Bare Metal Recovery (BMR). This solution uses a BMR boot disk and uses D2D image recovery points to restore a complete physical server or virtual machine (VM), including operating system, application and data, to the same or dissimilar hardware. If you have a catastrophic data loss at your site, but your hardware is intact, you can use BMR to slash system recovery time by 80% over having to re-install a complete operating system and application from scratch.
Bare-Metal Restore
In the event of a hardware failure or a site disaster, we can build you an emergency replacement server in a matter of hours, restored directly from your backup and brought to your shop to get you back up and running.

What’s Your Data Worth To Your Business?

checkmark Your business data is invaluable and irreplaceable
checkmark Your business should be protected from unforeseen events
checkmark Your lost time can never be recovered
checkmark Your backup may save your business


Pricing is tailored to our clients needs, be it per-server, per-desktop, or overall storage.