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Premiere System Solutions
Your Trusted I.T. Department

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Building Computers Since 1979
High-touch and high value from a small shop.

From a history of building the first Apple ][ clones in Toronto, the team at Premiere System Solutions brings you decades of experience condensed into a high-touch boutique. We've stayed small with a purpose - to build relationships with our customers. We offer true end-to-end support, starting with an understanding of what your business needs to be productive. Then we work thorough every detail of how technology can help you reach that goal in a stress-free way.

We also offer a number of hosted services that keep you running from our shop if anything happens to yours, help you share files instead of emailing them while still controlling security, keep offsite backups to make sure you're never without your data, and more.

Our proactive monitoring services let us fix problems before they affect you, usually without a site visit. Everything we do is focused on making sure your computers are useful tools, not troublesome sources of stress.

  • Desktop PCs and Workstations

    We build your systems to spec, with proven reliable parts and a solid warranty.

  • Software and OS Support

    A personal touch helps you through all your software needs, by phone and in person.

  • Servers, Storage, and Backend

    We build your back office to meet the demands of your business and keep you running.

  • The Networks That Tie It All Together

    With a focus on your data's security, we ensure your technology is resiliant so your business stays productive.

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Helping You On-Site and In-House

We Focus On Your Technology So You Can Focus On Your Business
On-Site At Your Business

Technology is a set of tools your business uses. We build and maintain those tools for you. From building your office PCs to installing the wiring and wireless networks, we handle all the hands-on things you don’t want to think about.
With an assigned Technician for each account, you gain a personal relationship with someone who can help your business by understanding and using those tools most efficiently.

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In-House From Our Shop

The real technical work goes on in our shop where we build and service your PCs and servers. We also take care of your staff remotely from here, to ensure your business always has the attention it needs without us being in your way. Our remote support lets us walk you through the small problems that don’t require a visit, and gets the big projects started after hours without needing to come in to the office.

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Personal Service With Trusted IT Advisors And Techs
Andrew Szego
More than 30 years ago, Andrew helped bring the Personal Computer to Toronto with the first Apple ][+ clones in the city. Since then Andy has been building strong relationships as he builds PCs for families and businesses.
Steve Chandler
Steve has been working with PSS for almost 25 years, beginning as a client and becoming an integral part of the team, with his keen analytical approach and warm customer support.
Neal Grossman
Neal’s patient, thorough troubleshooting and locktight memory lets him get to the bottom of things quickly and effectively, wasting no time in solving your technical problems. He is one of the brightest techs you’ll ever meet, and as likeable as they come!
Carlos Garcia
Carlos takes an extremely thorough and academic approach to technical problems. He works through your issues methodically and carefully, taking time to consider every component. Carlos’s approach gets the problem solved every time.


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